MIT Has Come a Long Way – Book Review

25 Mar

The Massachusetts Set going of technology or MIT has to the end of time been ~ward the sarcastic rim of technology, and years against us of the rest of the terraqueous globe. Their engineers, students, and professors desire brought onward eminently expressive innovations, concepts, and they bear precisely changed the nature. To to the full conceive for what reason impossible to believe this institution is and how long all of this has been going on, it takes a little bit of a history lesson.

If this is a topic that interests you, as much as it does me, then perhaps I can recommend a very good book to you. It is a book actually that is on my shelf at home, and one that I use as a reference from time to time. The name of the book is;

“The Media Lab; Inventing the Future at MIT,” by Stuart Brand, Penguin Book Publishers, One thousand nine hundred eighty eight, (304pp), ISBN: One-4009-701-5.

There are pictures, charts, and illustrations of what MIT was bringing to the market place prior to One thousand nine hundred ninety. Some of the ideas and concepts will make you laugh because they are commonplace today, but now you know where they started, who started it, and the theory and technology behind it all. Each and every year there are new ideas and concepts which are being generated from MIT, and therefore it is interesting to study their past, present, and there ever increasing drive towards the future.

I invite you to read this book, think about it, and take the MIT magazine. I’d also advise you to take their online newsletter for the topics that interest you in biotech, energy, computers, Internet, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, or robotics. If you do this you too can be on the cutting edge of what comes next. Please consider all this.


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