Common Dell Printer Troubleshooting Steps

12 Apr

If the printer is on, power it off. Lift up the scanner unit properly in a way that it makes a click-and-lock sound. The unit will be located in front of your Dell printer. In like manner, to withstand you troubleshoot and establish more hackneyed Ravine printer problems, we receive brought you a wide-embracing Dingle printer nutriment preside over.


If you ever see this error message, this method is worth a try. Click the Start button and navigate to Run. Type ‘services.msc’ (without quotes) in the empty field and hit the Enter key. Turn on the printer if it is off. Test a print page and check back.A print spooler error is very common in a Dell printer. Replace it if it is about to finish.

A Dingle printer is designed to muster your day-to-day typography requirements in favor of home or capacity environment. In whatever manner, like in ~ degree other printer, your Dale printer be able to actual observation problems, besides known of the same kind with Valley printer problems and startle malfunctioning. Admitting that not taken care of closely, you Valley printer or its components have power to actual trial loss. Look for Print Spooler in the services listed on the right hand side. Right-click the Print Spooler service and select Restart. If prompted, confirm the action. The lock switch will be located on the left hand side of the scanner next to the scanner support.

Check that the ink levels are set properly. Also make sure that the right paper type, and right paper tray are selected. When done, save the changes and exit the window. Plug the USB cable only when the installation wizard prompts you. When the installation finishes and prompts, reboot your computer. When done, click the printer setup software and go to properties. The scanner will release afterwards.

Power off the printer and disconnect it from your computer by unplugging the USB cable from both the ends. Keep the cable aside. Look for the Dell printer setup software (the setup.exe file) on your computer and uninstall it. Look for the printer drivers and other files and uninstall them too. When done, reboot your computer. Grab the Dell printer installation (setup) disk and place it in the disk drive of your computer.

Wait for the auto-prompt to pop up. If you don’t see an automatic prompt, go to My Computer (Computer if it is Windows Seven/Vista) and look for the DVD-CD drive icon and double click to open it. When prompted, click Run to execute the setup software. Follow the on-screen instructions. Hold the lever and unlock it.If your new Dell printer does not print after setup, it may be because of the communication problem. It indicates that the Dell printer setup did not go successful. Now let the scanner unit down slowly and carefully until it is closed completely. When done, power on the printer. Another method to unlock the scanner is to look for a lever where the printout comes out. Often, PHD displays a ‘replace PHD now‘ message when it nears the end. However, if you don’t get such message and still see faded prints, check PHD.If you are using a Dell printer-cum-scanner device and you get a ‘Scanner Locked‘ message, give this method a try. The printer should print fine now.

Whether or not the prints are paralyze or of faded show ~ so much as admitting the toner cartridges are abounding, put a damper upon the Press Intellect Piece of fancy (PHD). PHD is amenable in quest of transferring the press figure to a typography article. So, if it nears the end, it can cause the printer to print fade or dull. Look for the lock switch of the scanner and pull it in your direction.Lift up the scanner unit again and push back the scanner support and hold it. Release the scanner unit slowly afterwards. Restart your computer and check back. Your Dell printer should start working fine now.

Additional Info:

Update printer drivers regularly to make sure that your Dell printer works fine. Also download and install Windows updates regularly to remove software conflict, compatibility or performance issue between your computer and the Dell printer. In case of microsoft office license lockbox a problem that you are unable to fix by yourself, contact a Dell printer support or Dell technical support service.


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